10 Pregnancy Tips for Mommies-To-Be

pregnancy tips from an expert doula

Pregnancy can lead to quite a few changes in a short period of time. You may find it hard to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing or that a restless, sleepless night has become the norm. Here are 10 great pregnancy tips that will make your pregnancy a little easier as you prepare to bring a beautiful baby (or babies!) home.

  • 1 Reconsider purchasing a brand new maternity wardrobe. Investing in a new wardrobe as you grow can be quite tempting, but it can also make quite the dent in your bank account. With so many options for adorable maternity wear, I can understand buying a few pieces to accommodate your growing bump. But it may be more worthwhile to purchase clothing in a size or two up instead. This can be more cost-effective and you can wear the clothing after the pregnancy as well.  
  • 2 Purchase a wedge or body pillow. Invest in a wedge or body pillow so you can comfortably rest when you sit or lay down. These pillows can typically be adjusted to support your back, belly, and legs, making a good night’s rest a reality. There are other perks! These special pillows can help promote blood circulation, minimize body pains, and can even be helpful after delivery.
  • 3 Buy slip-on footwear. As your belly grows, you may find it difficult to bend down and put on your regular shoes, especially if they have shoelaces or zippers. Consider adding a pair or two of slip-on footwear so you can conveniently put them on and take them off as you go about your day. They can also be worn after delivery!
  • 4 Drink water. Staying hydrated is vital to a healthy pregnancy. Keep a filled water bottle nearby to quench your thirst, prevent urinary tract infections, and minimize the likelihood of developing hemorrhoids. This also gives you an excuse to get the cute reusable water bottle you’ve been eyeing!
  • 5 Contact your health insurance provider to see if you can get a free breast pump. Quite a few insurance companies can provide free breast pumps to nursing mothers upon request. With some pumps retailing for $100 to $1000, this insurance provider perk can save you quite a bit.
  • 6 Accept help. During your pregnancy, you might find that your family and friends are offering to help you quite a bit. It’s okay to accept this help. It does not mean you are not capable – it just means you have loved ones who are thinking of you and want to make things easier for you. You might even consider making a list of tasks you need assistance with and communicating it to your loved ones if they ask how they can help.
  • 7 Buy sports bras instead of maternity bras. Though I do not recommend a brand new maternity wardrobe, I do suggest that you invest in comfortable, soft sports bras. You might find that as you grow, you have outgrown your pre-pregnancy bra size. Maternity bras can be quite pricey and if new ones are not in your budget, sports bras may be an affordable alternative.
  • 8 Take a prenatal yoga class. Being active during your pregnancy can facilitate a more comfortable labor and birth process. Consider signing up for a local prenatal yoga class at a gym or yoga studio. Prenatal yoga can help strengthen and tone your body as your belly grows. Yoga instructors that specialize in working with prenatal clients can help ensure proper alignment and core activation, keeping you and your baby safe during pregnancy and delivery!
  • 9 Use body oils on your belly. As your body stretches during pregnancy, you may find that your skin has become itchy. Use natural and organic oils to soothe and hydrate dry and irritated skin. You do not need to invest a pricey body oil to experience the benefits – you can use organic coconut oil or Vitamin E oil, both of which are proven to calm irritated skin during and after pregnancy.
  • 10 Finally, practice self-care by performing deep breathing techniques. It can feel like a lot is happening during your pregnancy. At times, you may feel overwhelmed and find that you need to focus on some relaxation techniques. Find a quiet space, place yourself in a comfortable position, and practice deep breathing techniques. Try not to think about your work day or any other stressors – mindfully focus on you and just you. This can help minimize your stress level and give you much needed “me” time.

If you have any questions about these tips or want to learn more, contact me at joann@bluebirdsmaternityboston.com!

- Joann

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