My Doula Story

“How we give birth matters – and not just for the day itself. An empowering, confident start can have a lifelong impact on the physical and emotional health of both mom and baby.” –Milli Hill

Finding the right person to support you during this amazing season in your life can be both exciting and highly rewarding. Before you decide, I would like to share some information about me and my practices.

My name is Jo Thelusma and I am a Boston-based birth doula, childbirth educator, and maternal and child health advocate. Doulas provide non-medical emotional and physical support as needed to you and your family before, during, and after.

How I became a doula.

I happily took the leap into the field in 2018 of birth work after years of working as a project administrator. Bluebirds Maternity was born during a time when I realized my calling as a maternal and child health advocate. Bluebirds often represent contentment and peace – two important emotions I want my clients to feel as we work together. I compassionately support women in their birthing and postpartum choices without judgment while in full understanding of their cultural needs. I value clients from different backgrounds and will ensure that I have the resources for you and your family so that you can receive culturally sensitive care.

Regardless of your cultural background, you deserve a beautiful and empowering birth experience.

My role as your doula.

Being a doula and supporting you in an intimate birth setting is something that I take very seriously. Whether you need reassuring affirmations or a hand to hold or a really funny joke to keep your mind off of your labor, my support services can be customized to you. I pride myself on using strategies that will maintain a calm and loving environment for my clients. I aim to help you become informed of your options while empowering you to do what is best for you and your family. I support natural and non-medicated births, premature births, vaginal births after cesareans, cesarean births, high-risk births, and inductions. I use health literacy methods to ensure you know how to best improve your birth and postpartum outcomes. I also use evidence-based strategies to support you during your journey to motherhood.

Training and experience.

I am a certifying birth doula and childbirth educator who is completing her training with BeBo Mia, Inc., an inclusive training community that educates and support women who wish to work in the maternal health field. Further, I am an aspiring labor and delivery nurse who has completed her undergraduate degree in Health Science. I have always had a deep love and appreciation for the human body and the physiology of pregnancy and childbirth, and look forward to supporting you during your upcoming birth.

When I'm not at births...

When I am not attending births or supporting clients, I am an avid reader who also enjoys supporting and improving my local community. I am a proud supporter of the Boston Public Health Commission’s We Can program, an initiative focused on ensuring that all babies receive the best and most comprehensive support services at birth. I am also of Haitian-American and enjoy sharing information about my culture.

- Joann

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