What is a doula?

what is a doula

Birth coach.

Birth companion.

Maternal support practitioner.

Birth assistant.

Birth support.

Birth advocate.

A doula can be any and all of the above for their clients.  Basically, a doula provides emotional and physical support to a birthing mother and her family during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum period. A doula does not supplant medical support, such as your physician or certified midwife, during the birthing process. Instead, we aim to complement those services.

Doulas provide evidence-based advice and educational information to expectant mothers before, during, and after a pregnancy. If you have questions about birth labor positions, breastfeeding, or how to swaddle your baby comfortably, your doula can be an excellent and affordable resource.

The benefits do not end there... A 2012 Cochrane Review publication has stated that doulas can help:

  • Reduce the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth.
  • Reduce the risk of cesarean section.
  • Reduce the likelihood of using pain medication during labor.
  • Reduce the likelihood that a mother will have negative memories of her pregnancy and labor experience.
  • Reduce the likelihood that a baby will be admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, consider adding a doula to your birth support team. Bluebirds Maternity serves the Greater Boston area and as our client, we will provide you with:

  • 1 Support throughout your pregnancy through your preferred mode of communication (phone, text, email, or in-person).
  • 2 Prenatal visits where we can develop a birth plan that encompasses your cultural customs.
  • 3 Postpartum visits that allow you to ask questions about this new season in your life.
  • 4 Self-care techniques that promote relaxation before, during, and after labor.
  • 5 Advocacy throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period, including resources and tools that can help you make informed decisions.

- Joann

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