What Bluebirds Maternity Clients Are Saying…

I sincerely value the feedback from my clients.

Here are some of the kind words these amazing families have shared...


"I chose Joann as my doula because I knew she would be a great support. She was and has been very reliable and patient with me. Joann gave me so much information about the delivery process and how to handle the labor pain when we met for our prenatal consultations. She motivated me during my labor and encouraged me to walk around, bounce and roll on the birth ball, and do deep breathing techniques during my contractions. When the doctors came to speak to me during labor, Joann reminded me to ask as many questions as I needed to have peace of mind. I was 100% satisfied with her support and I would hire her again if I had another baby! I love that Joann’s support didn’t end after the baby was born. We are still in contact a couple of months later."

JM and JM, Summer 2019




“I highly recommend Joann. She is very understanding, optimistic, and kind. I had a lot of questions before I had my baby and she answered them very patiently. Even when I thought the question wasn’t important, she treated it like it was. When I was in labor, she came with a lot of things, like a yoga ball, massage oil, and oil diffuser, to help me get comfortable. My boyfriend was nervous, but she was reassuring and able to keep him calm. My labor was long, and I was exhausted, but Joann kept reminding me about how strong I am and that I was doing a great job. I really needed to hear that. I was so anxious, and she was passionate about helping me. She is a great doula and I couldn’t have asked for better care. Joann still reaches out to me to make sure me and my son are okay, and I appreciate that so much.”

AV, Summer 2019



"I cannot imagine my birth experience without Joann there! My husband and I were expecting our first child and wanted to receive as much information as possible. We found Joann through an online doula database. What stood out to us was not only how professional/ beautiful her website was but her 6 main philosophies. Upon meeting Joann for the first time I really loved how attentive she was to my husband and I. Her demeanor alone made us comfortable. Going into my labor/delivery I had many fears and concerns about the unknown. Joann helped me to feel comfortable and confident in the fact that my body was "made to do this". Due to health reasons, the week before my due date I had to be induced. I went from being totally healthy to suddenly ill. The birth plan that I mapped out for months was completely thrown out the window (you can imagine how I felt!). Joann helped me to come to terms with the unexpected and focus on the important picture - my health and delivering a healthy baby. Joann was super respectful, supportive, understanding, self-less and loving throughout the process. I truly admire the way she not only helped me but my husband throughout the process. If it be the Lord's will for us to have another baby, we would definitely rehire Joann as our doula. I no longer consider Joann as just my doula but she's family! I couldn't have asked for anyone better. If you're looking for a doula who cares Joann is your girl! Thank you, Joann!"

SM and LM, Summer 2019

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