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How can I bond with my baby before delivery?

Bonding (verb): Forming a close relationship through emotional and physical association. If you are expecting, you may wonder how you can begin bonding with your baby while he or she is still in the womb. You do not have to wait until delivery to begin that emotional connection. Forming a close relationship with the baby…

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Brunch with Bluebirds Maternity This Summer!

Bluebirds Maternity Boston is hosting its first event! Intended to formally introduce my services to Boston, this brunch will include information about my services. We will also have a super fun raffle and a delicious brunch. If you are interested in attending, please email! Event Poster

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My Doula Story

“How we give birth matters – and not just for the day itself. An empowering, confident start can have a lifelong impact on the physical and emotional health of both mom and baby.” –Milli Hill Finding the right person to support you during this amazing season in your life can be both exciting and highly…

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10 Pregnancy Tips for Mommies-To-Be

pregnancy tips from an expert doula

Pregnancy can lead to quite a few changes in a short period of time. You may find it hard to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing or that a restless, sleepless night has become the norm. Here are 10 great pregnancy tips that will make your pregnancy a little easier as you prepare to bring a…

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What is a doula?

what is a doula

Birth coach. Birth companion. Maternal support practitioner. Birth assistant. Birth support. Birth advocate. A doula can be any and all of the above for their clients.  Basically, a doula provides emotional and physical support to a birthing mother and her family during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum period. A doula does not supplant medical support,…

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