Our Core Beliefs

As a doula, I am humbled by the opportunity to support your birth. The highlight of my work is watching a woman channel the strength from within as she navigates the birth process. Within my practice, I have six main philosophies:

  • 1 All mothers deserve to be supported during the labor process and all mothers deserve the room to experience birth as they desire. This means that I will support your birth whether you choose a birth center or hospital or an assisted home birth.
  • 2 All mothers deserve a birth experience that is uniquely them. This means that I will support you if you have specific requests for the birth process, such as your favorite playlist or a massage.
  • 3 All mothers deserve to have their cultural and/or religious customs respected by anyone who is supporting their birth. This means that I will encourage you to share with me, if you feel comfortable, information about any cultural and/or religious customs that may enhance your birth process.
  • 4 All mothers deserve to be informed of various topics related to prenatal care, labor, and postpartum care. This means that I will ensure you have access to resources, tools, and literature before and after you give birth so you remain well-informed.
  • 5 All mothers deserve to feel confident as they enter this next season in their lives. This means that I will encourage you to feel empowered by the process during our consultations and thereafter. I trust your ability to birth your baby and will ensure you do as well.
  • 6 All mothers deserve access to the tools and resources that allow them to perform self-care. This means that I will encourage you to take the actions that will ensure you are physically and emotionally at your best.

- Joann